Welcome to White Dragon Tae Kwon Do, located in beautiful Columbus, Ohio. Nuzzled between Columbus, Westerville, and Gahanna. The school features 7000 square feet of space that houses large mats, men’s and women’s changing rooms, a large spectator viewing area, study room, and practice room.

White Dragon Taekwondo specializes in Taekwondo.

Taekwondo is a non-aggressive and ethical system of self-defense with a 60% focus on Core and Lower Body.

Taekwondo developed from humble beginnings over 1,000 years ago and has since spread internationally to become one of the world’s most successful and popular martial arts. Its practitioners enjoy physical and mental discipline, as well as excellent fitness and the ability to defend themselves if necessary.

The word Taekwondo itself is made up of three Chinese/Korean words: Tae, meaning to kick or jump; Kwon, meaning fist or hand; and Do, which means “the way.” Loosely (if not literally), it can be thought of as “The Way of the Hand and Foot.”

While famous for its wide range of kicks, Taekwondo also emphasizes breaking power, such as splitting wood and bricks using only the bare hands and feet. Training involves a variety of techniques, to include punching, kicking, dodging, jumping, parrying and blocking. Taekwondo also focuses on sparring and learning formal patterns of movement called forms.

White Dragon Taekwondo offers a Comprehensive Curriculum with emphasis on Learn and Apply Dynamics for the following services:

– Taekwondo training starting at 4 years old

– World/WTF Style Sparring Classes

– World/WTF Style Form Training

– Board Breaking

– Realistic Self Defense.

– Weapons Training

– Gymnastics Training

– Demonstration Team Training

MissionTo empower individuals and families with strong moral fiber, emotional resilience, physical fitness, safety awareness and dynamic leadership skills through traditional and sport Tae Kwon Do. 

Our Core Values:  Centered around the 5 Tenets of Tae Kwon Do, we strive to exemplify each value in our service to others, while working to cultivate these meaningful values in each student.

Courtesy – Integrity – Perseverance – Self Control – Indomitable Spirit